Determination of water in Pharmaceuticals using Karl Fischer 

Karl Fischer titration is one of the most popular analytical techniques used to determine water content in Pharma products. Karl Fischer instrumentation is particularly in demand at the moment as the Pharmaceutical Industry has been working non-stop to help meet demands stemming from coronavirus. 

Water plays a critical role in both chemical and physical stability of active pharmaceutical ingredients and drug products, therefore, determining the water content of pharmaceuticals is crucial for quality, shelf life and stability.  

 Due to its importance, determination of water content in pharmaceuticals has become a routine quality check. It is essential to analyse water content during manufacture to understand how it affects each step within the development process. The presence of water can also provide a favourable environment for bacterial growth, keeping water content to a minimum is key to preventing this 

The Karl Fischer method works on the principle that water in a sample will always react with iodine. Water is then quantified based on the volume of Karl Fischer reagent consumed. 

Here at A1 Envirosciences, we offer an easy to operate and technically outstanding GLP, GMP and CFR compliant moisture analysis option: the Mitsubishi CA-310. 

When using the CA-310, you can simultaneously measure a range of samples and convert easily from coulometric to volumetric. By allowing up to 4 channels of measurement simultaneously, the CA-310 is undoubtably user-friendly and enables total user control. 

Furthermore, control is completely wireless. The CA-310 can be operated in a range of environments, for example either a glovebox or fume hood. Not only this, but the instrument’s smart flow control supports full automation, dramatically reducing waiting times and improving efficiency within the lab. 

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