Portable CA/KF-31

The CA/KF-31 is a compact, convertable, cost efficient Karl Fischer moisture meter which can be used in laboratory or field conditions.

Dual analysis TOC

The OI 1030W offers dual analysis technology. While one chamber is analysing the other chamber is preparing the next sample.

Total Organic Carbon

Halogen analysis

The Mitsubishi AQF-2100 Combustion Ion Chromatography (CIC) system opens up new possibilities in anion analysis as the equipment allows full automation of the combustion process.

Portable Hg

The RA-5 portable Mercury analyser is perfect for small sample volumes and, due to its modularity, it is fully scalable and can grow with increasing demand.

RA-5 mercury analyser image


The CA-310 represents the new gold-standard in Karl Fischer moisture analysis. The modular concept of the CA-310 enables scalability up to 4 channels and conversion between coulometric and volumetric measurement..

AOX/TOX analysis

The AOX-200 follows EPA Methodology (Activated Carbon Adsorption / Oxidative Combustion/ Microcoulometric Titration) for the measurement of TOX/AOX/EOX in surface water, ground water, wastewater and soils.


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