Your work is about accuracy.

Precision, correctness and quality are key factors in analytics and sample preparation. We at a1-envirosciences can assist you.

We provide analytical instruments for elemental and trace analysis of S, N, C and halogens, Karl-Fischer analysers, titration and ISE analysis or sample preparation. Moreover, we can help you to solve your specific problems:

Consulting services, training, supply of spare parts (even overnight), installation, briefing and maintenance based on the innovative Service concept.

We are the competent partner you can rely on.

Your requirements and our expertise

Do you have any specific analytical issues? Do you need detailed expert advice?

From the very first contact onwards, we offer expert advice and support. Simply call us and talk to specialists who have a clear understanding of your needs. All our employees have a scientific or technical background and have been working in our laboratories for many years. We are proud of our in-depth knowledge and expertise and we would like to share it with you.

We devote our time to find the best solution to your analytical problem.

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