a1-enviroscience Launch New Mercury Analyser – The NIC RA-5

RA-5 mercury analyser image

a1-enviroscience Launch New Mercury Analyser – The NIC RA-5

Introducing the innovative touch-screen RA-5 reducing-vaporization mercury analyser that offers the world’s highest level of performance in the smallest unit body in its class.

The demand for mercury content determination in a wide variety of matrices is continuing to grow, particularly in response to contamination issues and changing environmental regulations.

In response to the increased demand, in particular from laboratories with smaller sample numbers, we are delighted to announce the newest member of the RA Family, the innovative RA-5.

The RA-5 is perfect for small sample volumes and, due to its modularity, it is fully scalable and can grow with increasing demand. Not much larger than a A4 size, the RA-5 provides the highest standards of accuracy and performance along with low maintenance requirements to ensure low processing times and low running costs.

Its wide measuring range of 0.0025 ng / 5 ml (0.5 ppt) to 2000 ng / 5 ml (400 ppb) paired with simple handling make it a reliable and cost-effective addition to any laboratory.

Its main characteristics are:

  • Stand-alone system with touch screen, no PC connection required
  • Reduction of the demand for tin (II) chloride by approx. 80% compared to flow injection systems and therefore 80% less waste
  • Extremely high particle handling, samples do not have to be filtered after digestion
  • Internal gas supply
  • Optional auto-sampler can be retrofitted for larger sample volumes
  • Meets ASTM D 3223-02, EN-1483, EN-12846 and DIN-ISO 16772 standards
  • The minimum sample volume required for measurement is 5mL
  • Automatic identification of mercury and non-mercury peaks

We provide a wide range of mercury analysis solutions configurable to any analytical requirements. Please contact us for further information or to arrange a demonstration.