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Mitsubishi CA/GT-200

The Mitsubishi CA/GT-200 is a dual channel instrument capable of simultaneously measuring coulometric or volumetric Karl Fischer moisture and performing potentiometric titrations.

Complete with a split screen display the CA/GT-200 is ideal for routine applications. ASTM, ISO, DIN, JIS & UOP methodologies are all possible with the CA/GT-200; the ultimate dual purpose Karl Fischer and Autotitrator.

Either upgrade your existing CA/GT-200 or spec a system that allows potentiometric and coulometric titration. Ideal as a back-up system to your current Total Acid/ Base Number analysis. Small foot print and robust design makes the CA-200 with GT Option the best choice for start-up laboratories or process control laboratories.

Key Features

  • Low level moisture and potentiometric titration
  • Dual display for moisture and titration.
  • Simultaneous analysis
  • Small foot print
  • Data export via USB
  • Integrated printer
  • Moisture Methods: ASTM D1533 – Transformer oils, D4377 – Crude oil, D4928 – Crude oil, D6304 – Petroleum products, lubricants, D7375 – Aromatic hydrocarbons, D1364 – Volatile solvents, D5530 – Hazardous waste fuels, D12937 – Biodiesel, IEC60814 – Transformer oils
  • Titration Methods: D 664 – Total Acid Number (TAN), D3242 – TAN in fuels, D2896 – Total Base Number (TBN), D4739 – TBN fuels and lubricants, D3227 – Mercaptan in fuels, D12937 – Biodiesel, D 974 – Transformer Oil Neutralisation, D1492, D2710 and D5775 – Bromine Index