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Inexpensive, easy-to-follow, compliant corrosive sulphur testing

In recent years a number of failures in transformers and reactors have occurred due to copper sulphide formation. These failures have affected varying classes of equipment usually when operated at elevated temperatures (but within limits) and primarily without warning in commonly used oil tests.

Due to the diversity of copper sulphide appearance it is highly likely that certain cases were not properly identified. A reason for such failures could be the arcing between adjacent disks or conductors of a winding due to the formation of deposits of copper sulphide on the cellulosic insulating paper.

Various forms of sulphur can be present in the transformer oil at sub-% levels such as mercaptans, thiols, thiopens, disulphides, and polysulphides with a number of which sulphur species are highly reactive.

Although these organo sulphur compounds are antioxidants, under certain conditions such as lack of oxygen, high load, and high operating temperature they may change to corrosive sulphur and react with the copper.

To this day expensive standard laboratory testing has been the only route to determine the presence of potentially corrosive sulphur in the oil.

The CS-1016 kit enables simple, flexible, and rapid testing for all you corrosive sulphur needs.

Key Features

  • No sample preparation
  • Individually pre-cleaned, pre-cut and hermetically pre-sealed copper/paper
  • Easy to use, simple step-by-step instructions for both tests included
  • All inclusive kit format enabling you to start with 50 tests
  • ASTM D1275B compliant
  • IEC 62535 compliant