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CA/KF-31 Moisture Meter

A successful predictive maintenance strategy can only be achieved with the right information. Traditionally the water content of oil has been assessed using yes/no methods (in the UK this is known as a crackle test). You can now eliminate the uncertainties of yes/no methods without losing valuable time using the CA/KF-31 Moisture Meter.

The CA/KF-31 Moisture Meter gives you fast, on-site analysis with workshop quality results. The analyser can be easily modified for field based applications.

Key Features

Key features of the new CA/KF-31 are:

  • Simple, fast, accurate coulometric moisture measurement
  • Easy operation with 5.7 inch colour LCD touch panel
  • Portable with optional battery and carrying case
  • Comes in 2 colours – Samurai Black and Sakura Pink
  • Can be manually or fully automated
  • ASTM D1533- transformer oil