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Total Organic Halides (TOX) / Adsorbable Organic Halides (AOX)

The AOX-200 follows EPA Methodology (Activated Carbon Adsorption / Oxidative Combustion/ Microcoulometric Titration) for the measurement of TOX/AOX/EOX in surface water, ground water, wastewater and soils. The simple, two piece titration cell, open vertical furnace, 40 position AC (activated carbon) column autosampler and acetic acid destruct tube all combine to make the AOX-200 the ideal TOX/AOX/EOX analyzer and unrivaled for today’s environmental laboratory. The AOX-200 meets EPA and 40 CFR methodologies as well as ICR (Information Collection Rule) and DBPR (Disinfectant/Disinfection Byproducts Rule) measurement requirements.

Specification and Application

  • Environment
    AOX in water- ISO9562; DIN EN1485; EPA1650; EPA9020;
    EOX of solids, soils and suspended solids in wastewater- EPA9023
    AOX in Sludge and Sediment- DIN38414 part18

Key Features

  • Measure TOX, AOX & EOX with one instrument within 10mins
  • Injects Activated Carbon (AC) columns directly into furnace
  • Destruct tube removes acetic acid vapors smell from the laboratory
  • Runs on Compressed or Atmospheric Air, Gas Cylinders Not Required
  • EOX Option for Extractable Organic Halides in soil analysis
  • 40-position TOX/AOX and 50 position EOX autosamplers available
  • Small footprint <50cm wide.
  • Measurement range 0.1- 50μg