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Mitsubishi Sample Introduction

Whatever your sample is – we have the optimal auto-injector

For all the Mitsubishi Analysers a wide range of sample introduction systems is available. Depending on the kind of sample and how many samples you have, you can select the system, which meets your requirements.

Manual Injector - ABC-210

Injection of solid and liquid samples manually via sample boat.

Key Features

  • Boat speed is software controlled

Automated Sample changer - ASC-250L

Automated injection of liquid samples from standard glass vials.

Key Features

  • 50 sample positions
  • 2, 4 or 6 ml vials

Automated Sample changer - ASC-240S

Automated injection of solid and viscous samples from sample boats

Key Features

  • 40 sample positions
  • Quartz and ceramic sample boats available

Semi-Automated Sample injection - ASI-210

Manual injection of liquid samples with large volumes

Key Features

  • Large-volume tubing in connection with the rinsing of the injection valve allows the injection of suspension solids without annoying carryover effects

Constant rate injector - CRI-210

Semi-automated injection of liquid samples via a syringe controlled plunger

Key Features

  • Low volume injection for petrochemical products

Gas injection Systems

Depending on gas type and injection mode you can select between the following gas injection systems:

  • GI-210 for non-pressurized gas
  • GI-220 with burette for non-pressurised gas
  • GI-300 with syringe port for gaseous or volatile liquid and LPG port for LPGs
  • GI-240 for liquefied gas with burette and sample loop
  • GI-250 for LPG’s