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PE-1000 Mercury Analyser for Liquid Hydrocarbons

The PE-1000 mercury analyser is the world’s highest level fully-automated measurement equipment for mercury in petroleum. Features of the PE-1000 include;

  • Ultra-high sensitivity (~0.01ppb) by heated vaporization and atomic fluorescence detection
  • High sample throughput with its 110 position autosampler
  • Gases can be analysed using gold traps
  • Ideally suited for Naphtha, Kerosene, Light Oil, Heavy Oil, Crude Oil, Condensate, LPG and LNG
  • Small bench footprint
  • Integrated autosampler
  • Compliant with UOP 938-10

  • MB-1 – Mercury Vapor Calibration Box, for system calibration (WA5, EMP and Gas Attachments for MA3000 & PE1000)
  • M-160 – Mercury Collector Tubes (WA5)
  • PS-4 – Rechargeable Sampling Pump, for gas sampling (WA5)
  • S-MA – Gas-Liquid Separator for liquid analysis (WA5, PE1000, MA3000, EMP)
  • SC-3 – Auto sample changer for liquids analysis (MA3000 & RA3000)
  • RD-3 – Auto reagent dispenser for liquids analysis (MA3000 & RA3000)
  • RH-MA3 – Desorption unit for Mercury Collector Tubes (MA3000)
  • RH-PE – Desorption unit for Mercury Collector Tubes (PE1000)