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Nippon Mercury Instruments

a1-envirosciences are proud to be the UK distributor of the Nippon Instrument Corporation (NIC) range of innovative mercury analysers. NIC have been designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art mercury analysers for almost 40 years and the comprehensive range includes analysers for solids, liquids & gases in volatile and non-volatile samples types.

Product Range

RA series – Reducing-Vaporization Mercury Analysers

The highly popular RA range of analysers consists of models utilising reducing-vaporization CV-AAS technology for highly sensitive, accurate Hg analysis in liquid samples.

The RA series includes a full range of analysers to meet any liquid testing requirements; from the entry model with manual measurement to the high-end model which offers fully automated analysis.

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MA Series – Direct Thermal Decomposition Mercury Analyser

The MA range demonstrates uncompromised analytical precision using Direct Thermal Decomposition by CV-AAS along with ultra-dynamic, extended range triple-detectors.

With no sample pre-treatment required, analysis is super-fast and precise with a built-in, automatic sample changer.

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PE Series – Fully Automated Petro-Pyrolysis Mercury Analyser

Our PE range adopts NIC’s combustion and amalgamation technology by CV-AFS and allows direct measurement and analysis of all liquid petroleum-based samples. The direct injection, closed system flow design ensures no loss of volatile analytes, providing uncompromised accuracy and consistency on each and every measurement.

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WA Series – Atmospheric Mercury Analyser

The NIC WA mercury analyser range includes units specially designed for the measurement of mercury in air and gaseous samples.

Dual gold amalgamation and an innovative new detector make the wider field usage possible. The detector can be selected for either Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) or Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy (AFS) analysis.

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EMP Series – Portable Mercury Survey Meter

Our EMP range of mobile analysers were developed specifically for the easy measurement of mercury in on-site gas.

With a ‘back-lit’ LCD touch screen display and one button START/STOP operation Hg measurement in the field is easily achieved.

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NIC has proven itself as the number one choice for reliability, accuracy and analyser longevity in the application of mercury determination. For more information relating to our range, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact us.