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Mitsubishi Combustion Elemental Analysers

Rapid Results, Flexible Configurations

With over 30 years expertise in combustion analysis, Mitsubishi has set a new standard with the NSX-2100 series of elemental systems in Nitrogen, Sulphur and Halogen analysis. The NSX-2100 Elemental Analysers can simultaneously measure nitrogen by chemiluminescence, sulphur by UV fluorescence and chlorine by microcoulometry. The NSX-2100 is available in either vertical or horizontal systems. Optimised combustion conditions allow lower detection limits for solid, liquid and gas samples. With its large dynamic range, flexibility and versatility the NSX-2100 analyser is the ultimate combustion elemental analyser. A wide Range of Options extends the functionality:

  1. Add the TRU-100 Trap & Release unit and lower your detection limit of sulphur to 5ppb.
  2. The NSX-2100 Elemental Analyser can measure nitrogen, sulphur, and chlorine in gases and LPGs with any of our five gas injector systems.
  3. The system also follows recognised ASTM, EN, ISO and JIS Methods protocols.

Specification and Application

  • ASTM
    Sulphur – D5453, D6667, D7183, D3120, D2346
    Nitrogen – D5762, D4629, D6069, D7184, D5176
    Chlorine – D6721, D4929, D5808, D5194, D7359
  • Petrochemical
    Coal, oils, light liquid and aromatic hydrocarbons, LPG and gas
  • Environment
    Sludge, river, waste, sea, drain water, Bio-fuels, waste products:
    Determination of: nitrogen, sulphur, and chlorine
  • Others
    Raw materials, intermediates, and finished products
    Nitrogen in flu vaccines to determine protein content
    Food, and beverages, and agrochemicals
    Solvents, chemicals, polymers, and finished products

Key Features

  • Unique open/close furnace designed for easy access and inspection
  • New quartz pyrolysis tube design, optimising combustion of solids.
  • Wide range of detection systems: coulometric (Cl), UV-fluorescence (S), chemiluminescence (N)
  • Automated samplers for solids, liquids, gases and LPGs
  • Control of all combustion parameters, full data collection and reporting
  • New pyrolysis tube design, optimizing vertical combustion of liquids, and gases for ppb sensitivity
  • Low operation cost – robust quartz combustion tube with 40% lower gas consumption
  • Analysis of sulphur and nitrogen in less than 5 minutes