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OI 1080 TOC Analyser

The 1080 TOC analyser allows the accurate, reliable processing of aqueous samples for analysis of total organic carbon (TOC), total inorganic carbon (TIC), and non-purgeable organic carbon (NPOC) content.

TOC analysis is a well-established analytical technique that provides important data relating to water quality. While combustion methods are very effective for the analysis of difficult to oxidise samples, those of high molecular weight and ones that contain large amounts of salt, these types of samples can be problematic for the equipment. Over time, they can take their toll on analysers, clogging the instrumentation and shortening injector life, leading to unreliable data, increased catalyst costs and substantial downtime required for equipment maintenance.

The OI 1080 TOC analyser however, is perfect for these particular samples. A high-temperature catalytic combustion oxidises and converts the organic compounds present in aqueous samples to CO2 for measurement by a solid-state, non-dispersive infrared (SS-NDIR) detector.

Key Features

  • Offers automatic sample acidification and sparging.
  • Supports TC/TIC/TOC/NPOC analysis techniques and standard measurements
  • Smart Slide injector extends o-ring life, reducing maintenance
  • Tube Guard extends furnace tube life and reduces maintenance
  • Can analyse up to 300 samples per 24-hour period

Meticulously engineered for reliability and ease of use, the 1080 Total Organic Carbon Analyser handles even the most challenging applications without the requirement for expensive additional modules.

OI Analytical is an innovator in TOC instrumentation and hundreds of laboratories and industrial facilities have been relying on their analysers for their water quality monitoring applications since 1972. The TOC analyser is designed and configured for of; wastewater, seawater, industrial process water, drinking water, groundwater and cooling water.

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