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OI 1030W TOC Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy

OI 1030W TOC Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy (CRDS)

The OI Aurora 1030W TOC Analyser ensures high-throughput analysis of liquid samples for organic contamination by the heated persulfate wet oxidation technique and additional configuration allows extended scope of capability to also test δ13C.

The coupling of a Picarro δ13C-CO2 analyser with the OI Analytical Aurora 1030W TOC analyser enables the system to provide δ13C measurements of the dissolved carbon in water samples. Applications include; analysis of groundwater, surface water, estuaries, sea water and industrial water.

The system is fully automated for the measurement of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) in salt and fresh water by acidification, and δ13C in dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in fresh water by sodium persulfate oxidation.

The CRDS system is fully automated for the measurement of up to 88 samples.

a1-enviroscience are proud to only partner with analytical equipment manufacturers at the forefront of innovation. OI Analytical has been leading the way with TOC analysis and their water quality monitoring applications since 1972. Picarro are dedicated to the development of ultra-precise and easy-to-use instruments that are used around the globe.

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