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Aquamicron – Standards and Reagents for Karl Fischer Analysis

For the determination of moisture by Karl Fischer, a1-envirosciences offers the most appropriate range of reagents and standards for the analysers of the Karl Fischer CA-200 Series.

The advantage for the user is obvious: Get everything from one source.

Coulometric Karl Fischer Reagents (CA-310 / CA-31). For moisture analysis in organic solvents, inorganic chemicals, oil products, gases, ketones, silicone oils, lower carboxylic acids, aldehydes, aromatics, alcohols, esters, ethers, benzene, toluene, etc.

Volumetric Karl Fischer Reagents (KF-31) For moisture determination in alcohols, amines, edible oils, sugar, ketones, toluene, xylene, chloroform, generator oils, insulating oils, etc.

Standards for Karl Fischer titration For the verification of measurement systems and applications.

Reagents are compatible with most Karl Fischer systems, not just those provided by a1-envirosciences.

Key Features

  • Reliable determination of high and low water contents
  • Ease of use with a large scope of applications
  • Accurate measurements with high end stability
  • Solid and liquid standards available
  • Packs ready to use
  • Production and expiry date on the label
  • Certificate of Analysis for standards