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Potentiometric Titration

Automated Potentiometric Titrations – 30 years in the making Automated Analysis

The Mitsubishi GT-200 Automatic Titrator is compact and able to perform all types of measurement including pH, potentiometric, conductivity, polarisation, photometric titration.

The GT-200 is a hydrocarbon resistant instrument that integrates the control unit and burette into a single unit. A maximum of 12 burettes can be used on the system for dispensing indicators/solvents and cleaning electrodes. The instrument has a validation function to assure reliability of measurement, historical display of calibration and password login.

The unique First Variable Refilling function allows refilling of burettes prior to becoming empty, so that the units can run without suspending a titration near the end point. The results, data, and titration curves can be exported to a USB stick or LIMS. Optional PC software is available to acquire results and raw data in csv/txt format automatically.

Specification and Application

  • Environmental
    CN, F, S, Cl, NO3,CO2 etc., in effluents, and natural waters
  • Agriculture
    NO3, Cl, NH4, K, Na, Ca, I, CN in soils, plant material, fertilisers and feedstuffs,
  • Polymers
    Halides and sulphur in polyethylene, polystyrene, polyester, resins, rubbers, adhesives, PVC, PETP and
    polyurethanes, Automotive interiors
  • Others
    Free acid in industrial processes
    TAN/ TBN
    Control of industrial waste water
    Any process with determinants including acidity, alkalinity, Br, CN, NCO,
    F, Cl, I, NO3, I, K, Na and HS

Key Features

  • Potentiometric and Photometric detector
  • Connection of up to 12 burettes
  • Choice of auto samplers
  • Optional Solvent Dispenser
  • Closed and Open cell sets Available
  • Hydrocarbon resistant metal casing
  • Display raw data, method and system details
  • Operation with USB/wireless mouse
  • Separated Burette & Stirrer
  • Optional Printer
  • GLP support functions
  • Optional PC software