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High Throughput Potentiometric Titration

Automated, High Through-put Potentiometric Titration

With over 35 years experience in the field of laboratory automation, a1-envirosciences has developed the Ultimate System in Potentiometic Ion Analysis and Through-put for laboratory automation.

KAPSAP (Known Addition Potentiometry, Sample Addition Potentiometry) is a fully automated workstation, which offers a unique extension of “Known Addition Potentiometry”, to determine a range of analytes using the technique of standard addition.
Analysis of previously troublesome sample types is now possible.

The KAPSAP, employs unique manipulations of standard solutions, samples, and base solutions containing potentiometric sensors that can allow the fully automated Ion analysis of up to 400 samples.

The KAPSAP requires only a small volume of sample, which is then added to a relatively large volume of base solution. This eliminates the problems associated with difficult samples, which previously could not be analysed by the standard procedures due to the presence of interfering ions or excess acidity/alkalinity.

With the KAPSAP procedures automatically correct any potential carry-over from one analysis to the next, eliminating the need to “washout” between samples. During the analysis sequence, KAPSAP determines the concentration of analyte in the base solution, which is adjusted to ensure that:

  • The sensing electrode operates in its linear range
  • The results are acceptable
  • The overall analysis time (speed of response) is acceptable

Since the sensor is maintained in a constant ionic strength environment, and is not transported around the samples, its performance is greatly improved and its life extended

The ethos behind the a1-envirosciences approach is to integrate off-the-shelf equipment to provide bespokesolutions for busy and demanding environmental analysis laboratories.

Specification and Application

  • Environmental
    CN, F, S, Cl, NO3,CO2 etc., in effluents, and natural waters
  • Agriculture
    NO3, Cl, NH4, K, Na, Ca, I, CN in soils, plant material, fertilisers, and feedstuffs
  • Others
    Free acid in industrial processes
    Control of industrial waste water
    Any process with determinants including acidity, alkalinity, Br, CN, NCO,
    F, Cl, I, NO3, I, K, Na and HS

Key Features

  • Fully automates the analysis of up to 400 samples
  • The analysis is made by standard addition & ion selective electrode detection
  • Small sample size: 1 to 2 mls
  • Small foot print
  • The system automatically and accurately pipettes the sample, therefore no need for manual time-consuming while decanting the sample
  • Full PC control with bi-directional LIMS communication