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Aqualyser – Alkalinity- Automated, High Capacity Alkalinity Determination

The Aqualyser Alkalinity system is capable of measuring alkalinity in potable, waste, river and boiler water samples to very high levels without the need for sample dilution and reanalysis.

With an unmatched sample capacity of up to 480 samples per batch the Aqualyser Alkalinity system is capable of dynamically titrating portable and waste waters during the same run.

Unmatched Sample Capacity and Measurement Range for Alkalinity Determination

The Aqualyser Alkalinity automated analyser is available with a 176 or 480 sample capacity industry standard XYZ robot. Only a small amount of sample is required to determine alkalinity content requiring inexpensive 15ml or 9ml disposable test tubes negating the need to wash out sample pots, increasing productivity.

The Aqualyser Alkalinity system accurately pipettes the sample into a static cell where the titration is performed meaning that operators do not have to measure out the sample. The electrode remains static in the titration cell increasing reproducibility and probe lifetime, reducing running costs and downtime.

Titration is performed in the static cell using Dynamic Focussed Endpoint Detection (DFED) which allows for fast and accurate titration increasing throughput. Measurement ranges of up to 15,000 mg are possible in minutes without dilution. This eliminates the need to dilute and reanalyse high out of range samples saving time.

The Aqualyser Alkalinity system utilises dynamic rinsing which eliminates carry over allowing the laboratory to run very low and high alkalinity samples during the same batch run.

The Aqualyser Alkalinity system is easily upgradeable to simultaneous measure pH/alkalinity, conductivity/alkalinity or alkalinity/pH/ conductivity without sacrificing the sample capacity of the system. With the addition of an Ion Selective Electrode the system can be upgraded to separately measure anions such as fluoride or ammonia using KAPSAP technology allowing full utilisation of the instrumentation.

Specification and Application

  • Environmental
    Waste, boiler, potable, river and process waters
  • Industrial
    Waste effluents, process water
  • Upgradeable to simultaneously measure conductivity and pH
  • Upgradeable to perform separate KAPSAP titrations for fluoride and ammonia

Key Features

  • Fully automates analysis of up to 480 samples
  • Alkalinity measurement up to 15,000mg without dilution, which can be extended up to tens of thousands of mg’s
  • Dynamic rinsing allows low and high alkalinity content samples to be run together without any carryover.
  • Small bench-top footprint
  • Extended electrode lifetime and stability
  • Export and import to LIMs
  • Return On Investment typically 6 months to 1 year