c-IC; a technique on the rise

In 1975, Hamish Small published in Analytical Chemistry the first paper on IC.

In 2003, a1-Envirotech launched the new AQF 100 from Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation in combination with the IC Dx-320 of Dionex to the German market for the detection of halogenes and sulphur.

Since then the number of c-IC applications grew with ASTM and UOP norms in petrochemistry, analyses of raw materials and finished products in chemical plants, heavy industry, mining, food and electronics.

With the introduction of the European Directive CEN TR 17345 in 2019, the environmental and recycling world had an alternative for the dangerous and time consuming preparation using the bomb method.

As we speak, a round robin is ongoing all over Europe for the screening method AOF that can be a helpful tool in the problems around pFOS and pFAS.

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