a1 envirosciences: Pharmaceutical Laboratory Equipment

a1 envirosciences supplies a range of instrumentation ideally suited to testing pharmaceutical raw materials and finished products. With flagship products across moisture analysis, elemental analysis and automation, a1 envirosciences is your perfect instrumentation partner for your next pharmaceutical analysis project.

Mitsubishi CA-310 Karl Fischer Moisture Meter

The Mitsubishi CA-310 sets the gold standard for GxP and CFR compliant moisture analysis. Users can simultaneously measure a range of samples using multiple cells in coulometric and/or volumetric assays, taking advantage of the four-channel functionality. Wireless control means that the instrument can be operated in a glovebox or fume hood and smart flow control supports full automation and reduces waiting times.

The AQF-2100H Combustion Ion Chromatography

The AQF-2100H represents state of the art instrumentation for the analysis of halogens, halides and sulphur. Liquids, solids, gasses and high viscosity fluids can be precisely analysed. Concurrent sample processing and simultaneous determination of Cl, F, Br, I and S means that analyses can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. Combustion, absorption and injection into the IC are fully automated minimising hands-on time or by using a fraction collector the instrument can be linked to AA or ICP-MS for downstream analyses. The AQF-2100H is fully GxP compliant making it ideal for the pharmaceutical sector.



The PrepFAST is a high-speed, fully automated liquid handling robot. PrepFAST is highly configurable to match your exact automation requirements across applications, including; dilution, liquid dispensing and standard preparation. In addition to saving time, the inherent accuracy of this automated system massively improves the reproducibility of assays.


With up to 432 samples per run, the AquaFAST system revolutionises automated Karl Fischer analysis. The AquaFAST system fully automates moisture analysis of samples, including; solids, liquids and oils. With simultaneous density measurement there is no need to weigh liquid samples and automated exchange/refill of Karl Fischer reagents further streamlines analyses.