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Coulometric and Volumetric Titrator Karl Fischer

Karl Fischer Titrators for ppm to % Level Moisture Detection

For over 30 years Mitsubishi has been considered the gold standard in Coulometric and Volumetric Karl Fischer Titration. The CA-200 continues the legacy providing the user the ultimate in simplicity and flexibility for Karl Fischer. The CA-200 can simultaneously measure Karl Fischer moisture in two cells when configured with the dual channel option and two separate titration cells. The titration cells can be coulometric, volumetric or a combination of both depending on application needed. Samples which directly interfere with the Karl Fischer reaction can be easily analysed when combined with special water vaporisers.

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Key Features

  • Analyse 1ppm – 100% water in any matrix.
  • Single or dual channel options (coulometric or volumetric)
  • Simultaneously measure & display coulometric/volumetric Karl Fischer moisture
  • Large, easy to read 5.7 inch colour LCD display
  • Automatic electrode conditioning to remove contaminants before measurement
  • Flexible configuration & small footprint saves valuable bench space
  • Password protected administrative user levels and functions
  • Liquids, gas, solid or LPG measurement options
  • 21CFR Part 11 Controller Compliant Software
  • Applications- Fine chemicals, Petrochemical oils and fuels, Biofuels, alternative fuels, Polymers, rubbers, Gases, Pharmaceutical compounds, Food additives, Vegetable oils/fats, Greases, Solvents