Mercury Survey Monitor

Mercury Monitor

The EMP-2 Mercury Survey Monitor for Mercury Vapour Concentration

The EMP-2 mercury survey monitor is ideal for the occupational monitoring of hazardous areas.  The compact, reliable and lightweight EMP-2 is ideal for a variety of applications and allows on-site measurement of mercury vapour concentration, even allowing tracking to the source of contamination.  The EMP-2 draws the sample gas directly into the absorption cell and employs ultra-violet (UV) atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) to determine the mercury concentration at a specific wavelength.

It has a built-in interference check protocol to confirm any false positive interferences, a large colour LCD screen and data exported to a standard SD card.  It is suitable for LPG/Tedlar bag analysis and waters by an external manual vaporisation attachment.

The key features of the on-site monitor are:

  • Real time Mercury measurements
  • 0-1000 μ/m3 (resolution 0.1μ/m3)
  • Sample flow rate 1L/min
  • Temperature compensation
  • Colour LCD touch screen display
  • Lightweight (1.8KG)
  • Compact 265Wx128Hx110D (mm)
  • Data storage by SD card
  • Interchangeable rechargeable battery

The monitor has a waist and shoulder sling which is ideal for climbing rigging or ladders, and is available in three colours, orange (reserved for high level systems), green and blue.