a1: Automated Lab Equipment

At a1-envirosciences we offer a range of different instrumentation focused on automation. In addition to enhancing laboratory throughput and efficiency, automating lab processes also enables running laboratories in a socially distanced manner. See below our five flagship instruments within our automation range.


The AquaFAST is a revolutionary automated Karl Fischer analysis system. It can handle up to 432 samples per run and has a typical detection of 5ppm – 100% of moisture. The AquaFAST system can perform automated moisture analysis on solids, liquids and oils;

  • Solids by methanol extraction
  • Liquids by direct injection
  • Oils by injection or using an oil vaporiser

This particular system has a wide range of application including QC of petrochemical fuels, biofuels, solvents, vegetable oils and biological samples.

KAPSAP (Known Addition Potentiometry, Sample Addition Potentiometry)

KAPSAP offers a unique extension of ‘Known Addition Potentiometry’ to determine a range of analytes using the technique of standard addition.

Allowing the fully automated ion analysis of up to 400 samples, the KAPSAP automatically and accurately pipettes those samples. There is no need for manual decanting of the sample which can be time consuming and labour intensive.

Aqualyser Alkalinity System

With a wide range of environmental and industrial applications, the Aqualyser Alkalinity System is available as a 176 or 480 sample capacity industry standard XYZ robot, capable of dynamically titrating potable and waste waters in the same run.

This system can dramatically increase lab productivity. Operator time is freed-up and due to the small sample volume required inexpensive single-use 15 ml or 9ml disposable test tubes can be utilised therefore negating the need to wash out sample pots.

The Aqualyser Alkalinity System can be easily upgraded to simultaneously measure pH/alkalinity, conductivity/alkalinity or alkalinity/pH/conductivity without reducing sample testing capacity.


The PrepFAST system is highly configurable to match your automation needs. PrepFast is a flexible high-speed robot for most liquid handling preparation steps including:

  • Dilutions
  • Liquid dispensing
  • Standard preparation

One of the key features of the PrepFAST system is that it can be configured with a custom rack layout to match existing tubes already in use. Some applications of the system include the dilution of oils for ICP MS/OES and liquid sample and standard preparation for techniques such as HPLC and ion chromatography.


The TitreFAST TAN or TBN system can be configured with a static cell to deliver unmatched speed, throughput and capacity for condition monitoring, it also comes equipped with SMART rinsing, which automatically increases rinse time after aspirating a high concentration sample. The samples are automatically pipetted, eliminating the need for time consuming weight measurements.

The TitreFAST can also be configured as a dip system for TAN or TBN.

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