a1-enviorsciences release the New MA3-Solo Portable Mercury Analyser

NIC New MA3-Solo Affordable, High Performance Direct Mercury Analysis

The new MA3-Solo is a portable desktop spectrometer that weighs only 13kgs. This allows it to be easily transported using optional carry case to diFferent locations to perform analysis.

The application and demand for thermal decomposition mercury measurements are expanding due to the amendment of laws and regulations regarding mercury measurement. In response to this NIC’s new thermal decompostion mercury analyser meets these needs and boosts excellent cost performance.

By removing the sample changer and other optional functions from high-end models and simplifying its operation, the newMA3-Solo, has reduced size and weight without sacrificing performance. With these reduced costs, MA3-Solo is best suited for users who perform measurements.

The MA3-Solo covers a large range of applications including food products, coal and sludges.

Key Features and Benefits of the MA3-Solo

  • Affordable, robust design with a wide measurement range: 0 to 10,000 ng and an analysis time of 5-12 mins.
  • Inexpensive operation, no gases or consumables required.
  • Advanced optics for superior sensitivity and stability.
  • Real time continuous diagnostics monitoring.
  • Compact lightweight design for portability.
  • Windows based and user friendly graphical software.

Complies to Test Methods; USEPA 7473; ASTM D6722-01; ASTM D7623-10; UOP 1009-15; JIS K0102.

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